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Our Policy is to Work One on One with the People We Represent and to Have An Experienced Attorney Personally Handle Your Case.

Daniel Crupain is a lawyer with many years of experience who is particularly suited to handle cases involving failed hip replacements  He has both a law degree and an engineering degree.  His background in the technical aspects with respect to mechanical devices, and the kinds of materials used in the hip replacements, as well as the law involved in these cases, makes him uniquely qualified to provide the kind of  legal representation needed by the victims in these cases. He has also worked as an attorney for the federal government and is experienced in litigation involving defective products, medical issues and medical mistakes. He has litigated cases in jurisdictions across this country in as wide spread locations as Colorado, Texas and New York.  He also obtained one of the highest ratios of punitive damages to compensatory damages ever awarded by a jury in the history of jury awards in the United States.

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