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If You Had Hip Replacement Surgery in which a DePuy Hip Replacement System was used, You May Be Entitled to Compensation.


Depuy Hip Replacement Recall

DePuy Hip Replacement Systems have been recalled by the manufacturer.  These defective devices have caused pain and suffering to people who have had hip replacement surgery utilizing the DePuy hip implants.
We are lawyers who are bringing cases against the responsible parties on behalf of victims
nationwide who have suffered, or are suffering, from the use of these defective devices. 

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Corrective Second Surgery

Many DePuy hip replacement patients have required a second surgery to replace the defective DePuy artificial hip. This has often occurred within five years of receiving the DePuy hip replacement.  The fact that patients who have had these defective DePuy hip replacements put into their bodies have had to undergo additional corrective surgeries, suggests that there are others who may have to do so in the future.
DePuy hip replacements can cause swelling, pain, and difficulty walking.  Metal particles can flake off of the DePuy hip replacement and enter the bloodstream.  Some DePuy hip replacements have failed completely by becoming loose and fracturing the bone around the implanted device, or by the dislocation of the device's ball and socket.

Hip Replacement Lawsuits

If you or someone you know had a hip replacement operation in which a DePuy Hip Replacement System was used and is suffering from pain and discomfort, or has had to undergo an additional surgery, or is concerned about having to undergo such surgery in the future:  to find out about your legal rights, fill out and submit the form below, or contact us at 1-800-LAW-4000.

You may be entitled to compensation.

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